Pigeon will be shutting down

We have made the difficult decision to shut down Pigeon. We are proud to have helped our Teachers enable better family communication over the past three years, but are not able to continue operating Pigeon as a product in a financially sustainable way.

We want to help make this transition as smooth as possible for those of you still using Pigeon. Pigeon will gradually phase out over the next several months, with the goal of minimizing communication disruption for Teachers and families. Please see the timeline and important info below, and reach out with any questions or concerns.

–Alex Ford, Co-Founder
February 23, 2022


We have stopped accepting new Teacher signups and Plus subscriptions.

June 12th, 2022
Sending Messages Disabled for All Accounts
All Pigeon accounts, including paid accounts, will no longer be able to send messages, but will still be able to receive messages.

July 1st, 2022
Receiving Messages Disabled for All Accounts
All Pigeon accounts will no longer be able to receive text messages. All Pigeon numbers will be released and no longer available for use with Pigeon.

August 31st, 2022
Login Disabled for All Accounts
Logging in to Pigeon will no longer be possible.

Important Info

Your Data
You will be able to access your message history inside of Pigeon until August 31st, 2022. If you need to keep that history past that date, send us an email and we can export it for you in a format you can keep outside of Pigeon.

Your Pigeon Number
It may be possible to transfer your Pigeon Number to another phone service, so you can take the number with you. If you are interested in this option, send us an email before April 2022 and we will assist you with that process in any way we can.

Pigeon Plus Billing
Monthly Pigeon Plus plans will stop charging you June 2022, or immediately upon cancellation before then. In June, we will refund any yearly Pigeon Plus plans prorated to June 2022. If you would like to cancel your yearly Pigeon Plus plan before then, we can get you cancelled and will refund you appropriately: send us an email with any billing questions or concerns—we’ll make it right.