for Teachers

Texts already work for parents.
Now they work for you, too.

Spend less time, get real engagement, achieve better outcomes. No parent signup process!


The best way to reach parents.

No apps, no signups, no class codes. Just texting.

Regular, plain old text messages—a direct, personal connection that everyone already understands, with zero setup friction for parents and families.

It really works, but how do you make it happen? You can text families with your personal phone, but it's hard to separate your personal and professional lives, and harder still to keep dozens of conversations organized. There’s a better way.

Bridge the gap

To families, it’s just texting. To you, it’s a superpower.

A Teacher using Pigeon

Parents just text

They already know how it works. Give out your unique Pigeon Number or start the conversation yourself. They can’t even tell you're using an app, leaving them amazed and engaged.

No apps, no signup, no surprises.


You have a secret weapon

Behind the scenes, everything goes through Pigeon instead of your personal phone. Use Pigeon on your computer to send and receive texts, keep organized, and save time.


Communication that’s already working

Pigeon changed the way I am able to communicate with parents. I am no longer stressed about parent communication.”

Grade 7, Columbus OH

It’s really difficult finding an app to use that doesn’t require the parents/guardians to also download something. Pigeon was a huge help and exactly what I had been hoping for to better keep in contact with my students families.”

Grades 8-12, Cleveland OH

Dedicated Teacher Phone Number

A real phone number to separate your teacher and personal lives (and unleash Pigeon’s power 🐦).

Texts and Voicemail

You can even attach photos or screenshots to messages to share important info like grades or schedules.

Number Intelligence

Pigeon automatically determines which parent numbers can be texted, and which are landlines.

Pigeon Screenshot

Unified Timeline

The complete communication log for each student in one place, including texts, calls, and your own private notes. Keep your conversations going without missing a beat.

Smart Contact Database

Import and organize your parent contact info by student, so the who and how will never get in the way of what needs said.


Your data and communication belongs to your team—our business is helping teachers, not selling their data. Your personal phone number is never exposed.


We’re on a mission to enable teachers to achieve student success through communication.

F. Nicole Ford

F. Nicole Ford

Co-founder, Teacher

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Alex Ford


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Christoph Roedig


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Neha Gupta

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